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Kyle L. Saunders is Associate Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University. Professor Saunders' studies and interests include American politics, with particular emphases on political parties, political behavior, public opinion, elections, public policy, and research methodology.

Spring Semester 2018
I am offering two courses this term, Citizen Politics in the US (Grad Seminar-POLS 501) and Scope and Methods of Political Science (Grad Seminar-POLS 624).
POLS 501
POLS 624
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Past Courses:
(Fall '17) Undergraduate Capstone: Persuasion, Misinformation, and Conspiracy Belief, POLS 492   
(Spring '17) Program Evaluation and Research Methods for Public Administrators, POLS 459   
(Fall '16) American Political Parties and Elections, POLS 302   
(Fall '15) Introduction to American Politics, POLS 101
(Fall '14) Graduate Quantitative Methods, POLS 625